Corrupt Martha Explained

Corrupt Martha...what kind of name is that you ask? I was asking the same thing the first time my very good friend called me that. Martha is not my first name or middle name, nor do I even know anyone called Martha......well besides Martha Stewart that is...and this is where my new nickname stems from.

When we, well I, think of Martha, I think of perfectly put together crafts, meals, baked goods, stationary, holiday tables, name it, Martha has it perfectly put together.  Love it.  Love it all and dabble in all of the above.  This is where the "Martha" part of my nickname came in.

Now onto the Corrupt part.  I had only met and became instant friends a few years earlier with the above mentioned friend before the "name calling" began.  If memory serves me correctly, I'm sure our friendship was formed sipping a few (ok, many) Jamieson and cokes with Motley Crue blasting in the background.  Our outings or nights in usually consisted of something along those lines for the first few months.  I also must mention that I'm quite an "honest" person which, I guess means I'm not always "politically correct".........whatever that means.  Needless to say, I guess he didn't see much "Martha" in any of my behaviour. 

As our friendship grew and we got to know each other, my life outside of living like a rock star was surprising and shocking to him.  Really??  Seemed completely normal to me.  Who doesn't love whiskey, rock n' roll, fresh baked cookies, holiday aprons, flowers or homemade holiday favours?  I think they all mesh together beautifully!

I'd also like to add that my "rock star" years seem to have come to an end.  So much so, that my husband is now impressed with me when I can stay awake until midnight on a Saturday night.  My how times have changed.