November 8, 2010

Treasure Hunting

On the weekend, me and one of my bargain hunting friends went to an estate auction hosted by Lacasse Auctions.

Going to auctions is one of my favourite past-times.  I probably attended my first auction when I was four with my dad.  I loved hunting through boxes and boxes of junk miscellaneous items with hopes that I'd find that "special" something.  

I'm sure because I was introduced to auctions at such a young age, it most certainly has something to do with my overwhelming love for antiques.  I feel like antiques just have so much character and "soul". 

There are very few items in our house that haven't been purchased second hand.  I'm pretty sure that our mattress and box spring, flat screen TVs, couch, recliner and dining room table are the only things that were purchased new and unused. 

I did find a few items this weekend, and am very happy with my finds. 

I've been searching for a full length antique mirror for our bedroom now for......oh, probably about a year, and this weekend I got lucky!

I was able to score this solid wood beauty for $10.00!  I can't even buy a "cheapie" at Walmart for that!

I also found this other beauty....

A gold gilded mirror.  Drum roll for the price..........$5.00!  How could one turn that down!
I also found these unique little crafted shoes;

These are so unique and unusual and I am in total love with them. Someone spent a lot of time crafting these little works of art. The bottom of these little shoes have horse shoes bent to outline the bottom of the sole. I may have taken such a liking to them because my dad is a blacksmith and they tend to remind me of him when I look at them.
I'm glad I was able to score some great finds this passed weekend.  My next auction venture probably won't be until the New Year.  What will I find?  You just never know!

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Sara said...

Those little shoes are adorable!! Great find!!